Friday, 27 May 2011

Returning Javascript array keys - numeric array

While creating rather simple JavaScript widget today, based on Date object I faced a tiny and small problem; As you all know Date objects prototype function getMonth(), returns a numeric representation of month. It means January = 0 and December of course is 11.
But lets take a simple example - You are building a drop down selection calendar, with 3 selection boxes; Year, Month and Day.
So, your month's will be not numbers but strings. Problem, how to map this with getMonth() numeric representation? Here is a

Friday, 25 March 2011

Drupal - Content construction kit (CCK) field information


Days ago I was in need for quick access to CCK field table information in order to query Drupal data base. So searching through CCK modules function library I found couple of ones;
1. content_fields() - returns information about content fields - see more for options -
2. content_database_info() - returns database information about particular field - more goes here -
So having a bit of brainstorming I've created this small

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Drupal breadcrumb custom settings

Some time ago, working on Dev-factory project project, I had a problem to display customized breadcrumb in a way that user can navigate back to parent page while reading child page of specific menu.
Please have a look at this Child Page, as you can see breadcrumb just below the main navigation displays option to navigate back to parent Menu items, and this is only on pages where menus have children.
Took I vile to get decision and

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Helper function to get taxonomy name based on Drupal arg

I found it might be useful to publish this function I,ve created. Since some times you need an extra information in Your pages $title variable.
You can use this in your themes to add additional information on your taxonomy/term/x pages or for whatever else you need to pull something out based on Drupal's argguments ok here

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Spanning headings in HTML anchor tag


Yesterday doing some staff on just to be launched DevFactory project I struggled with problem, how to get in "<a>" tag headings and paragraphs.

After couple of minutes - easy;

Ok staring with a
<!--The the idea is to span the paragraphs and headings so-->
<!--then adding--> <p>Your cool text<p/>
<h2>Super heading</h2>

Easy and great, happy html"ing".

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

MSSQL VS MySQL Test for reports


This might be helper for for all of us, just imagined toady that some times we need different analytical data to dispose.
Like counting page hits or search results, so it might be a challenge run all through database table with 1000K+ records to find data.

So, today working and expecting to created simple report took me some time to discover simple SQL queries for thsi problem, so here

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Creating customized language switcher block on Drupal website in PHP.


Tonight I want to share some ideas how to customize or even create you own language switcher block on your Drupal based website. Live example I am using is
Some things you need for that;
1. Enable locale module - you can find under core/optional modules
2. Internationalization or i18n custom module from

At first install I18n module and enable all multilingual support what is required - in my case these are all options, because I needed all site content